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LoanMonkey Launches Digital Platform


LoanMonkey recently announced that potential and current homeowners will now be able to purchase and refinance their homes through LoanMonkey’s online platform. Additionally, customers can choose to have LoanMonkey make a $250 donation to a cause of the customer’s choosing.

Founded by Sean Marsh and Christopher Russow, LoanMonkey is currently active in California with plans to expand operations to all fifty states. “LoanMonkey’s goal is to empower Americans to use their home mortgages as a way to give to their favorite causes while still getting the lowest possible rates and costs on their home,” said Marsh, LoanMonkey co-founder and CEO. “Upon closing, LoanMonkey offers borrowers the opportunity to donate $250 to an organization of their choosing.”

Marsh added, “I wanted to create an efficient, transparent and lower cost mortgage experience that’s also fun and gives borrowers the opportunity to contribute to the causes they care about.”

Marsh has been at the forefront of digital lending for the past 25 years. He founded one of the first digital mortgage firms (Access Mortgage/NowLending, acquired by Webster Financial in 1999) and one of the largest reverse mortgage lenders (One Reverse Mortgage, acquired by Quicken Loans in 2008). Most recently, he was CEO of Synergy One Lending (acquired by Mutual of Omaha in 2018).