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National Appraisal Congress Convenes in Washington D.C.

WashingtonDC [1]The executive board of directors for the National Appraisal Congress (NAC) came together on Tuesday in Washington D.C. to discuss pressing issues facing the residential valuation and appraisal industry.

The meeting was brought to order by NAC chair and Chief Appraiser at TSI Appraisal, Jordan Petkovski. Petkovski gave attendees a brief overview of the state of the property appraisal industry. He also articulated his vision for how the NAC will supply direction for residential appraisal companies and lead the industry in a time of change.

Five Star Institute President and CEO Ed Delgado was in attendance and delivered brief remarks thanking the attendees for their dedication to the betterment of the housing industry.

The NAC is a non-partisan organization, powered by the Five Star Institute, established to serve the needs of appraisal professionals by facilitating problem solving, policymaking, education, and advocacy. In response to a developing need for thought leadership and the promotion of best practices and execution, the NAC serves as a collection of subject matter experts fostering collaboration and facilitating change in the residential real estate valuation and appraisal industry.