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LCS Capital Announces Debt Acquisition Options for Consumers

home-keyLCS Capital, LLC, recently announced it is offering consumers a new option for their mortgage loans.

According to the release, LCS Financial Services Corporation and Stawiarski & Associates are expanding their debt acquisition options to clients to enhance LCS' suite of targeted loan life cycle solutions.

The new offering will be through their affiliated company LCS Capital, LLC.

LCS Capital also announced that the company has closed on a large credit facility, which allows them to turn consumers' defaulted receivables into ready-to-use capital.

"With the increased regulatory environment surrounding debt sales, it is critical to choose the right partner," the company said. "Since our companies are owned by a lawyer with over thirty years of foreclosure, bankruptcy and recovery experience, you can rest assured that legal and regulatory compliance are at the forefront of our debt acquisition programs. By using LCS Capital, LLC, you maximize your return on every sale while mitigating your risk and exposure."

LCS purchases a number of asset classes that can be bankruptcies or have judgements including automobiles, private student loans, commercial portfolios, and mortgages.

"We have over 30 years experience with defaulted mortgages. We understand the complexities facing recovering on mortgage portfolios today," the release stated. "We can make purchasing your mortgage portfolios an expedient process."

LCS Capital Purchases the Following Mortgages:

  • Second Mortgages: severely delinquent or charged off; secured and unsecured, in bankruptcy or post bankruptcy (secured discharged Chapter 7’s).
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs): current but close to resetting; severely delinquent and charged off; in bankruptcy or post discharge (secured and discharged).
  • Short Sale and Deeds in Lieu Promissory Notes: current performing or non-performing notes.
  • Mortgage Deficiencies: deficiency judgments obtained from judicial foreclosure states and preserved deficiency claims in non judicial foreclosure states; subrogated insurance claims from MI insurance.
  • Loan Modifications: current performing or non-performing loans.
  • Charged Off First Mortgages: severely delinquent or charged off; all markets.
  • Bankruptcy: Chapter 13 mortgage loans currently in bankruptcy or Chapter 7 secured mortgages pre or post discharge.
  • Judgments: recent mortgage loans reduced to judgment or older judgments that have not had recent attention or have proven unrecoverable.

"For LCS Capital, LLC, debt acquisition is simply a natural extension of our overall receivables management strategy, which includes the nationwide recovery services of LCS Financial Services Corporation and the nationwide scope of the law firm of Stawiarski & Associates, P.C.," LCS Capital noted. "Our full view of the receivables management industry provides us with debt acquisition insights like due diligence and pricing, but it also includes the risks and pitfalls that can impact you as the original lender or servicer."

LCS Capital continued, "This experience allows us to understand, navigate and guide our clients through the complexities of this highly regulated industry. We follow the rules and have the foresight to anticipate changes to ensure you not only receive the highest fair market value for your portfolios but also mitigate your long-term risks. Whether it’s time, money, or resources that are leading you to sell, you can trust us to be a valuable long-term partner in your collections strategy."

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