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IPsoft Launches Conversational Banking with 1Bank

AIIPsoft announced the general availability of 1Bank™, its first conversational banking solution, powered by an advanced AI in the market, Amelia. With Amelia, customers can engage with their financial institutions through a next-generational Natural Language Interface (NLI) either by voice or chat.

Through 1Bank, Amelia helps resolve complex customer questions using comprehensive dialogue. For example: “How much can I afford to pay for a new home?” Instead of providing a simple answer, Amelia will follow up with important questions, such as: “What is your annual salary?” or “How much of a down-payment would you like to make?”

“Customers no longer have to navigate a site, wait in long queues or scroll through endless account statements. With 1Bank, customers can get what they want in a natural way, a conversation. We are enabling any financial institution to provide their customers with their own personal banker around the clock, every day and minute,” said Chetan Dube, CEO at IPsoft.

“Customer support and self-service, when done right, can drive higher customer satisfaction. IPsoft’s Amelia supports a variety of customer-facing scenarios with its natural language interface and artificial intelligence engine. Amelia can take the entirety of a conversation into account. At a recent event, IPsoft showed the solution it has deployed to a major European bank, which is using Amelia as a mortgage-qualifying engine,” Forrester, a global research and advisory firm, commented.

J.P. Gownder, Christopher Voce, Lily Varon, Jennifer Wise, Daniel Hong, Automation Technologies for Customer Engagement, Forrester Research, Inc., July 2017.

Amelia also is adept at offering customers the ability to switch contexts mid-conversation. For example, if a customer is applying for a new credit card, but realizes mid-way through the conversation that they want to use a different email address, they can go back and change addresses without beginning the whole process over.

Rule-based chatbot and static Web interfaces are built around simple keyword recognition, but Amelia is able to discern human intentions from a wide spectrum of conversational inputs — everything from “How much money is in my checking account?” to “How much is in checking?” to “So, how much money do I have?”

Furthermore, Amelia’s advanced Machine Learning (ML) ability enables her to improve over time. Conversations may be escalated to human agents in cases where when Amelia is not able to assist customers and silently observe the interaction in the background in order to add to her abilities.

1Bank’s secure backend integrations with banks’ existing software and systems empower users to execute financial tasks with limited-to-no human intervention. The AI solution delivers out-of-the-box conversational banking skills, including wealth management, credit card processing, account management, payment processing, account origination, and balance checks. 1Bank can be easily added to popular banking channels, including mobile apps, kiosk apps, websites, consumer chat applications such as Facebook Messenger and, voice applications such as Amazon Echo as well as standard phone calls.

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