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A2Z Field Services Releases New Weather Alert System

A2Z Field Services Earthvisionz [1]Ohio-based national mortgage field services provider A2Z Field Services [2] has announced the release of a weather and disaster notification system known as A2Z Weather Compass.

The new weather compass is powered by V-Alert, an Earthvisionz [3] product, which can be configured to match exact property locations to live weather reports and events, after which alerts are sent when there is the potential for damage to the property or if the weather requires some other type of action. Ultimately, the new tool ensures the protection of assets and investors by minimizing the risk for vacant properties and allowing A2Z's clients to make sure properties are safe at all times

"A2Z Weather Compass notifications allow us to provide unmatched, real-time weather and disaster data for any property in our work order management system, A2Z Compass," A2Z Field Services SVP of Operations Amie Sparks-Beebe said. "Clients can use this information in the winter to ensure their properties are free of snow accumulation, thereby eliminating the potential for fines associated with the failure to remove snow from sidewalks, reducing liability from personal injury, enhancing curb appeal and improving ease of access to potential buyers."

Sparks-Beebe said the alert system includes more than 40 severe weather and disaster alerts that are customizable to fit clients' needs year-round.  For example, she said the new technology can be used to prepare for tropical storms or to make sure cleanup of a property is executed in a timely manner or that properties are dry and damage-free after heavy rainfall.

"We are proud to offer this technology to our clients and look forward to a long partnership with Earthvisionz,” she said.