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Legal League 100 Welcomes Kent McPhail & Associates

gavelAlabama-based Kent McPhail & Associates LLC is now a member of the Legal League 100, a premier professional association of financial services law firms in the United States.

Established in September 1994, Kent McPhail & Associates has established a growing reputation in the southeastern United States as a firm that produces real results in the representation of creditors, who are its primary clients and its primary area of emphasis. Kent McPhail & Associates is headquartered in downtown Mobile, Alabama.

Kent McPhail & Associates primarily services creditors, and their areas of practice include bankruptcy, collection services, real estate foreclosure, probate, replevins, and subrogation, commercial, and consumer litigation.

The firm utilizes the latest technology and has online access to credit reporting bureaus for the purpose of skip tracing. It is online with national trustee databases and all courts–enabling it to automatically review case statuses. The firm also has online access to credit bureaus, auditors’ offices, taxing authorities, and other public domains to efficiently and effectively gather useful and necessary information.

"Kent McPhail & Associates performs with the utmost of integrity in servicing their clients, and Legal League 100 looks forward to the future partnership," the Legal League 1oo said.

The firm maintains licenses to practice in Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi and actively litigates in each of these states. For claims outside their jurisdiction, Kent McPhail utilizes an established national network of attorneys to integrate any necessary legal action with its collection efforts.

With more than 100 member law firms spanning nearly 50 states and an organic, firm-driven leadership structure, the Legal League 100 is uniquely positioned to drive progress in the mortgage servicing industry. The Legal League 100 is a leading force for industry standards, market research, and policy change. In a time of industry transition, the Legal League 100 stands committed to supporting the mortgage servicing industry through education, communication, relationship development, and advisory services.

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