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FAS Outlines Top 10 Property Preservation Predictions for 2012

""Field Asset Services"":http://www.fieldassets.com/ (FAS), a provider of pre-foreclosure, REO, and renovation field services, has released its top 10 property preservation predictions for 2012, which focus[IMAGE]on providing superior customer service, the need to take initiative to pre-empt future problems, and a demand for knowledge to open communications and deliver results.

*FAS's Top 10 2012 Predictions:*

1) Protection and maintenance services during pre-foreclosure will increase.

2) Institutional investors will begin to emerge as their interest in purchasing single-family residence REO properties increases.

3) Remodeling services will grow as investors begin purchasing properties for future rent opportunities.

4) Open communication with municipalities will be required to effectively mitigate HOA and code compliance issues.

5) Superior customer service throughout the field service value chain will become expected.


6) Innovation in the area of mobile technology will be necessary for vendors and contractors to work more efficiently from the field and to deliver guaranteed results.

7) Utilities management services will become more essential in helping ease customers' pain points.

8) Proactive property preservation will establish closer relationships between field service providers and municipalities and avoid HOA and compliance fines.

9) Access to key property data and reports will be obtained and granted allowing banks and servicers to reduce expenses and increase sales opportunities.

10) Transparent, preemptive and guaranteed work will be demanded at every point in the field service process.

Summarizing the top-10, Dale McPherson, president and CEO of Field Asset Services, said, ""The field services industry must be proactive and begin delivering banks and servicers vital property information to avoid additional foreclosures from occurring. We also need to work more closely with each and every municipality to ensure code violations are mitigated.""

McPherson added, ""New programs are being created to lessen the burden banks and servicers are carrying, but as field service providers, we can begin making a difference today by taking greater initiative, developing expertise in our work and becoming trusted partners with our customers.""

Austin, Texas-based FAS services more than $10.8 billion in residential assets on behalf of its clients. The company works with 30 mortgage and asset management clients nationwide, servicing more than 130,000 active properties on a recurring basis.

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