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Fulfillment Division Launched by CMAC

Low interest rates have pushed more Americans to refinance their mortgages, and the Federal Housing Administration has announced enhanced refinance guidelines to assist homeowners facing foreclosure. Faced with an increasing volume of loan modification and refinancing requests, banks and lenders are feeling the pressure.


To help banks and lenders manage the growing number of mortgage-related requests and also aid in reducing operating costs, the ""Consumer Mortgage Audit Center"":http://www.truthinaudits.com/ (CMAC), a due diligence and consulting company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, recently launched its fulfillment division.

This division provides everything from forensic analysis and due diligence support on bulk buys to pre- and post-funding quality reviews of individual loans. In addition, customized services, reports, and portfolio triage are available. To help lenders cut costs, the fulfillment division will offer scalable support, available nationwide with pay-as-you-go pricing as an option.

Sylvia Alayon, VP of operations for CMAC, said the company has helped attorneys and lenders audit thousands of mortgage loans to identify and rectify violations-oftentimes fending off the foreclosures that neither lenders nor homeowners want. CMAC knows lenders and servicers want to help their customers, while also preventing the need to write off bad debt, she said.

Due to the company's strong experience in the forensic mortgage analysis and diligence space, Alayon believes CMAC has a very specialized offering that stands to give lenders additional back-end support during this very busy time for the mortgage industry.

""Because our clients have been asking for and receiving specialized fulfillment services from us for months, we know we're equipped to handle the unique needs of each lender we deal with--a capability not readily available in today's marketplace,"" Alayon said. ""Creating a stand-alone division to satisfy that market need just made sense.""