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Attorney Group Offers ‘Immediate’ Loan Mod Program

With President Obama's recent proposal to provide $75 billion to help modify home loans, millions of Americans on the brink of foreclosure now have hope in sight. But what's uncertain, particularly for those who are facing imminent foreclosure, is how quickly the assistance will funnel down the pipeline to homeowners.
That's where ""The Better Life Group"":http://www.betterlifelaw.com says it can step in with immediate assistance. Better Life is an Oceanside, California-based organization that provides homeowners with legal resources to navigate mortgage and real estate transactions and negotiate loan modifications. The company says it has helped hundreds of clients by facilitating the formal loan modification process and effecting homeowner-lender agreements.
With its established loan mod program, Better Life says, homeowners don't have to rely on the wait-and-see approach when new government agendas are established. Instead, they can take action now through a loan modification that will enable them to pay their mortgages and keep their homes, the company said, with Better Life managing all the intricacies of the loan modification details, ""taking the pain out of the process and boosting the odds of successful results.""
Paul Jacobson, founder of Better Life, said, ""Every day, we hear stories about people we could have helped and who would have benefited from our expertise. And when we learn that yet another person has lost their home through bad lending, it's shameful because in many cases it could have been stopped.""
Jacobson continued, ""Some of these unfortunate people have been the victims of predatory lending practices and had no way of receiving help in time. Others sought out assistance and ended up contracting with fraudulent loan modification companies. Better Life is unique because our attorneys and staff are highly skilled in this industry. They understand the convoluted intricacies of loan fraud, predatory lending, and TILA/RESPA violations. Lenders respond to and cooperate with us because our expertise in the subject, commitment to these victims, and follow-through with the entire process are second-to-none.""
Better Life and its national partners have created a comprehensive approach to addressing loss mitigation and supporting today's victims of the housing crisis, the company explained. Whether customers are seeking the support of Better Life's law division, dedicated to stopping the foreclosure process, or services related to a loan, real estate transaction, or escrow services, Better Life says it can help meet struggling homeowners' immediate demands.
According to Jacobson, ""Often times, people face a dead-end scenario concerning their impending foreclosure or faulty loan.""
However, Jacobson added, ""When one of our attorneys begins Better Life’s highly-structured and completely legal loan modification process, it’s amazing to watch how quickly those lenders change their attitude. For example, when they learn an attorney is performing a forensic document audit, or that we’re taking proactive measures to uncover evidence of loan fraud, predatory lending, or TILA/RESPA violations, they’re suddenly much more cooperative and willing to work in the client’s interest.""

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