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Florida Center to Expand Foreclosure Mediation Program

The Mediation Center Southeast announced on Wednesday the expansion of the ""Foreclosure Meditation Program"":http://fmpse.org/, a woman owned nonprofit that is a court approved alternative to the Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation (RMFM) program in Florida.

According to a press release, through the Foreclosure Mediation Program, The Mediation Center Southeast strives to provide an effective mediation program --- not[IMAGE] [COLUMN_BREAK]

just a program that is compliant with the Florida Supreme Court Administrative Order.

Florida requires mediation for every homestead property filed with the court for foreclosure, and prescribes a specific, but minimum process.

The management team of the Foreclosure Mediation Program will offer the customary mediation services including scheduling coordination, providing the venue and the certified mediator, and will also provide a management system which allows servicers, GSE's, and law firms to have streamlined scheduling and coordination.

The Mediation Center Southeast is headquartered in Altamonte Springs, Florida, and provides mediation services statewide, and will be under the direction of attorney Leanne Levett, who developed the program.

Attorney Levett was instrumental in developing the first foreclosure mediation program in Florida in the 18th Circuit, in Seminole County, Florida, and has expanded the program to include all circuits by request of the parties.

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