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Countdown To Buy Enters Into Third Pilot Program

""Countdown To Buy"":http://www.countdowntobuy.com/, a next-generation online real estate marketplace based in Bethel, Connecticut, announced[IMAGE]

Monday that it has entered into a new pilot program with a leading lending institution to offer a sampling of foreclosed properties located in Arizona, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Washington, D.C., and Wisconsin.

In addition to entering into this new pilot program, Countdown To Buy has received additional properties in both Connecticut and Texas from existing clients after ""successfully generating accepted offers is 25 days or less"":http://dsnews.comarticles/countdown-to-buy-platform-sees-success-2010-03-30 on all properties placed on the platform.

""These new business wins demonstrate that Countdown To Buy is a solution institutions can employ effectively[COLUMN_BREAK]

during the initial stages of REO disposition or prior to an auction,"" said Tom Furey, managing partner of Countdown To Buy. ""Augmenting the real estate agent community and their buyers with upfront information, technology, and a trusted environment brings value to institutions by streamlining the transaction.""

Founded in 2008, Countdown To Buy uses a patent-pending technology that automatically matches buyers and sellers in a real estate transaction through a time-limited process that reduces the property's list price each day within a pre-negotiated price range. Confidentially-submitted offers are systematically compared to the daily price and when an offer matches or exceeds that price, it is automatically accepted.

Dan Connell, president of Countdown To Buy, said using the company's proprietary countdown process to generate competitive offers while minimizing the number of days on market makes everyone's life easier. He said it is a real win for all parties involved, including buyers, agents, and institutions.

As DSNews.com previously reported, Countdown To Buy ""launched its online platform with a nationwide servicer"":http://dsnews.comarticles/countdown-to-buy-launches-automated-real-estate-matching-platform-2009-12-08 in December 2009 and ""entered into a new pilot program with a banking institution"":http://dsnews.comarticles/countdown-to-buy-launches-pilot-program-in-texas-2010-03-03 in late March of this year. With the addition of the company’s third pilot program, Countdown To Buy now features properties in 10 different states.

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