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Altisource Launches New Online Residential Real Estate Marketplace

""Altisource"":http://www.altisource.com/Home.aspx announced Monday the launch of ""Hubzu"":https://www.hubzu.com/portal/home, an improved online residential real estate marketplace.


The new site is designed to make the online home buying and selling experience easier, more efficient, and more transparent. The entire process â€" from searching and bidding to financing and closing â€" is handled online.

Buyers can search for homes, bid to buy via auction or through a traditional offer process, or use Hubzu's ""Own It Now"" feature to avoid competition and win an auction immediately. Users are then guided through the contracting and financing process in one centralized online location.


The site is also designed to cater to sellers, offering faster, easier sales through increased marketing visibility and real-time bid/offer tracking. Hubzu plans to roll out further functionality enhancments in 2012 and early 2013.

Hubzu also offers foreclosure and REO listings.

The new venture replaces GoHoming, Altisource's former online marketplace, and includes all real estate inventory that was on the previous website.

""We've had a lot of success with GoHoming, facilitating nearly 60,000 home sales to date,"" said Scott Wielar, general manager of Hubzu. ""However, to stay at the forefront of the market, our brand experience and scope of services needed to evolve. We listened to our customers and redesigned the user experience to make the entire real estate transaction process easier for home buyers and sellers.""

Hubzu is a part of Altisource Portfolio Solutions, a global provider of real estate and mortgage portfolio solutions. Altisource's corporate office is in West Palm Beach, Florida.


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