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TAZA Corp Launches TAZA360 for Distressed Property Evaluations

""TAZA Corp"":http://www.tazasystems.com, a collection of Internet software portals created to assist all parties involved in the management, marketing, and selling of distressed real estate properties,[IMAGE]

has announced the launch of TAZA360, a new platform that provides a virtual portal to manage, market, and track expenses and closing processes of residential and commercial developments.

According to San Diego-based TAZA Corp, the technology will bring a new level of evaluation management to real estate by providing independent investors, asset management companies, broker-price opinion (BPO) mills,


and others in the industry an online platform and network of agents to process evaluations.

""We are very excited to launch TAZA360, the newest addition to the collection of software programs we offer,"" said company partner Lawrence Duffin. ""We are committed to creating innovative solutions that create more efficiency and organization with new-age technology.""

TAZA360 streamlines the evaluation process and provides up-to-the-minute assignment updates, photos, and attachments on a secure access system, avoiding the old process of e-mailing, faxing, and printing numerous documents.

Capabilities include encryption links, multiple user access, an extensive margin and risk forecast system, various evaluation output formats, and 24-hour live support. It is also fully compatible with TAZAREO and TAZAVOX.

""We wanted to create a platform that saves time, promotes productivity, and allows investors, agents, and brokers the ability to take control of their own destiny,"" said company partner Sam Metri. ""TAZA360 allows for hands-on access to the best agents around the country and provides an affordable alternative to a third party broker.""

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