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Free Online Resource Aims to Help Americans Facing Foreclosure

Free online software for the creation of personalized mortgage modification applications under the federal Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) and other[IMAGE]lender programs is now available from ""FreeMortgageFix.com"":http://www.FreeMortgageFix.com. Borrowers can complete an application to modify existing home loans via the site's user dashboard.

""Paperwork is undeniably the No. 1 reason for the delays with the HAMP loan modification program and unnecessary denials,"" said Jonathon Ende, CEO of FreeMortgageFix.com.

""We believe we provide the answer,"" Ende added. ""By using our free online program, homeowners now have a


quick and dependable option for dealing with unaffordable monthly payments and the threat of foreclosure. As this concern continues to escalate nationwide, we wanted to provide an equally affordable and helpful solution that can help turn families' lives around in less than 15 minutes.""

Based on the borrower's specific financial situation and lender, FreeMortgageFix.com software completes more than 100 different calculations and analyses to compile a customized report.

After the site confirms the homeowner's debt-to-income ratio, net present value, and general eligibility, the appropriate federal and lender forms are automatically populated and printed for submission with a customized cover sheet addressed to the lender.

Homeowners are also provided with tips, solutions, and warnings, as well as an online resource center, custom document checklists, a conversation log for maintaining notes on all discussions with the lender, and a to-do list manager.

External financial and legal assistance is also available if users require them, including a network of approved attorneys.

FreeMortgageFix.com was developed by a group of mortgage industry and real estate law veterans. The company is headquartered in New York.

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