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MDA Automates Portfolio Risk Analysis

Wilmington, Delaware-based ""MDA Lending Solutions"":http://www.mdasolutions.com has announced the launch of ARTAdvisor from ""MDA MindBox"":http://www.mindbox.com. The technology platform provides risk management, from early risk detection through loss mitigation, by automating the review, analysis, and management of any size mortgage portfolio.
MDA explained that its ARTAdvisor tool combines credit analysis with collateral analysis to identify risky loans and propose optimal resolutions, ranging from government sponsored programs such as the Federal Housing Administration's (FHA's) Hope for Homeowners program to lender-specific loan modifications.
The platform uses a customizable rules engine to review any number of loans based on an organization’s own standards for quality and performance. This risk management intelligence, MDA said, enables the organization to know how individual loans and entire portfolios are performing at any given time, increasing efficiency and maintaining profitability.
Bill Richer, president of MDA MindBox, explained, ""With the constantly evolving governmental programs aimed at troubled mortgage loans, organizations are in need of ways to handle the risks and maximize the opportunities these programs create. Lenders can employ ARTAdvisor where, when, and how they need it, enabling the management tool to monitor their portfolios on their own terms.""
Richer said that having this second set of eyes to examine associated risk enables real-time identification of loans that are ready for refinancing, collateral value adjustments, or eligibility for bailout programs and provides lenders with ""an invaluable edge"" in today’s economical climate.
ARTAdvisor identifies unseen or emerging points of risk, analyzes data from multiple sources to show trends in performance, identifies secondary market opportunities, and accelerates loss mitigation strategies at the individual loan level and the portfolio level. It can also be implemented at the point-of-sale, pre-qualification, or loan application stage to identify risk upfront.
Richer added, ""ARTAdvisor produces better informed decisions up-front, without lengthening the process. This in turn minimizes back-end issues with the loans, increasing efficiency throughout the loan.""
""MDA Lending Solutions"":http://www.mdasolutions.com provides information solutions designed to improve the decision-making and operational performance of lenders and servicers by reducing the time, cost, and risks involved in real estate transactions. The company offerings include ""MDA DataQuick"":http://www.dataquick.com, ""MDA MindBox"":http://www.mindbox.com, and traditional settlement services, such as collateral valuation, title and property search, flood compliance, residential credit, and closing/settlement products.

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