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Axios’ Integration with Mercury Network Benefits Lenders, Appraisers

""Axios Valuation Solutions"":http://www.myaxios.com, a residential appraisal provider headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, has fully integrated its appraisal management operations with a la mode's ""Mercury Network Vendor Management Platform"":http://www.MercuryVMP.com.


The integration is expected to benefit lenders and appraisers in terms of compliance with Federal Housing Administration (FHA), federal interagency rules, and pending legislation, as well as quality assurance, appraisal data security, cost, and flexibility.

A division of ""eMortgage Logic"":http://wwww.emortgagelogic.com, Axios Valuation Solutions can now electronically place compliant appraisal orders to the largest pool of electronically connected real estate appraisers in every county in all 50 states, according to a statement released by ""a la mode"":http://www.alamode.com, an Oklahoma-based technology developer of desktop, mobile, and Web tools for the real estate and mortgage industries.

""The caliber of appraisers using Mercury Network is higher, and those are the appraisers we want to work with,"" said George Heredia, chief appraiser of Axios Valuation Solutions. ""Geographic competence is the


number-one quality issue that lenders are finding with appraisals. Our integration with Mercury Network and our proprietary internal appraiser selection system solves the non-local appraiser problem.""

Bi-directional status updates flow through Mercury Network to Axios, providing a secure audit trail of interactions while reducing e-mail, phone calls, and other time-wasters.

""The Mercury Network empowers Axios to deliver unparalleled service to our clients and the highest quality appraisal reports from truly independent, expert appraisers nationwide,"" said Heredia. ""It will also cut our costs and provide scalable compliance and documentation solutions to satisfy any lender.""

According to a la mode, Mercury Network's key capability is custom compliance, business, and workflow rules, which are executed within the Mercury plugin software on the appraiser's desktop and preprocesses the report before delivery. The workflow scripting language uses TOTAL XML-based data analysis to enable Axios Valuation Solutions' business and regulatory compliance review rules specific to individual lender clients. More than 1,000 standard and custom checks are performed prior to transmission, so reports aren't sent and then rejected after time-consuming manual reviews due to missing, incorrect, or unclear data.

""We're proud to have been selected by Axios Valuation Solutions for this critical component of their strategic appraisal management plans,"" said Adam Calvery, a la mode's president of mortgage solutions. ""I speak for both companies when I say that we're proud of the immediate benefits this integration will provide to our respective customers.""

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