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Factoring Company’s New Program to Assist Valuation Industry

""Oxygen Funding, Inc."":http://www.oxygenfunding.com, a factoring company based in Lake Forest, California, recently launched a new service program focusing on the financing needs of real property appraisers. The company will officially introduce the new program at the ""Valuation Expo"":http://www.valuationexpo.com/ in Las Vegas next week.

""In recent months, appraisers have expressed their troubles with collecting money and maintaining a healthy


balance of cash flow,"" said the company's president, Don D'Ambrosio. ""Like most businesses, banks are holding on to every dollar for as long as they can. It takes upwards of three months to get a check today, which is putting extra tension on appraisal companies to pay their operating costs.""

Factoring, the purchase of accounts receivables, is a transaction where a business sells an outstanding invoice to a factoring company in exchange for the majority of the money owed to them upfront.

Instead of waiting 30 to 90 days for customers to pay invoices, a business receives money immediately. The factoring company then collects the whole of the invoice's value from the customer and gives the remaining amount back to the business, less a service fee.

""Through the purchase of assets, I can provide the capital [real property appraisers] need to keep their companies functioning, so they can handle their service requests and not have to worry about making payroll,"" D'Ambrosio added.

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