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KeyLink Announces Release of New REO Management Model

""KeyLink Asset Management"":http://www.gokeylink.com has announced the release and implementation of a new asset management model that assigns dual agents to each asset throughout the pre-listing and marketing stages of the REO process.


The model also contains a task-based commission structure that rewards listing agents for high performance and creates income opportunities for servicers in instances of low performance.

The San Diego-headquartered company describes its approach as ""unique,"" noting that dual assignment and task-based compensation are both industry firsts.


In addition to the listing agent, KeyLink assigns a full-time surveillance agent to every asset. The surveillance agent is responsible for weekly reporting on the marketing and maintenance of the property, as well as reporting on the responsiveness and knowledge of the listing agent.

""The industry has been ready for a far more managed and high-touch REO solution for a long time,"" said Ty Reed, the company's managing director. ""We feel we are well ahead of the curve in that regard.""

Damien Chiodo, founder and senior managing director of KeyLink, added, ""Our unique task-based agent compensation structure creates income opportunities for our partners where there were none. Most importantly, it holds agents accountable and force feeds high performance throughout all stages of the REO timeline.""

With a focus on execution and performance, KeyLink says it is now providing more weekly data and valuation analysis that any other REO management company in the industry.

Currently only servicing a handful of national companies, KeyLink hopes its unique model, combined with a high level of performance, will help increase its industry footprint.