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DocuTech Sees Success in 2009

Despite the continued struggles of the housing and mortgage markets, Idaho Falls, Idaho-based ""DocuTech Corp."":http://www.docutechcorp.com/ finished 2009 with an increase in market penetration of more than 140 percent, the company announced Thursday.


The mortgage document compliance company added 84 new customers last year and forged key partnership with loan origination software (LOS) providers to ensure a seamless connection with loan data and loan documents. The company said its increased focus on partnerships with


LOS providers, such as Blueberry Systems, Commerce Velocity, and WiPro Gallagher Solutions, accounted for a significant portion of its growth.

According to DocuTech, lenders are seeking tools that integrate seamlessly with their existing LOS platforms to create the feel of a single system for users. The integration with DocuTech's ConformX provides lenders with internal compliance and document services, including support for disclosures, enabling users to confidently navigate the large number of regulatory and compliance issues on the book.

ConformX securely delivers printed paper, e-mail, and Web-posting options from any Internet location. In addition, lenders can customize business process rules to meet state and federal requirements, enhance security, require high-cost loan checks, and ensure that only the needed documents are printed.

""Lenders are under tremendous pressure to comply with regulations and close loans under the tightest of margins,"" said Ty Jenkins, DocuTech's CEO. ""By providing a simple, cost-effective way to produce compliant disclosures and documents, DocuTech is helping lenders grow their own businesses and leave behind the competition.""

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