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First American Data Tree Receives Patents for Property Search Inventions

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently awarded two patents to ""First American Data Tree LLC"":http://www.datatree.com, a California-based provider of digital land records.
[IMAGE] The company received U.S. Patent #7,877,403 for an invention that allows users searching an electronic real estate database to select from several similar entries suggested by the system by using a specific type of search logic.

It incorporates self-learning search algorithms that expand a database search from a simple word to include


word suggestions. The technology adapts rules to generalize the training examples specified by the users and learns the search knowledge of the users over time.

The company's second invention, U.S. Patent #7,933,820, involves collecting and validating property data at its source, whether locally or remotely, by using a mobile device. It accelerates the process for collecting property title and tax data.

""The unparalleled speed and accuracy with which we can deliver information to our clients allows us to remain a leader in the industry. Our innovations create a more user-friendly experience for our customers,"" said Robert Karraa, president of First American Data Tree.

""These inventions give us exclusivity in using faster and more complete data-gathering methods and further secures our competitive advantage,"" Karraa added.

First American Data Tree is a member of the ""First American Financial Corporation"":http://www.firstam.com family of companies. First American is a provider of title insurance and settlement services to the real estate and mortgage industries.