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IndiSoft Ventures into Commercial Real Estate with Valuation Portal

""IndiSoft"":https://www.indisoft.us/, a global technology development firm based in Columbia, Maryland, now serves the commercial real estate industry through its RxOffice Valuation Portal.


Brillion Asset Solutions, Inc., a commercial valuation services provider, is one company that is using the Valuation Portal.

The web-based application connects Brillion to real estate agents and clients such as banks, credit unions, real estate investment trusts (REIT), private equity funds, and hedge funds.


Through Valuation Portal, Brillion can look to one platform to receive orders and produce reliable and timely valuation reports. The portal also supports several of Brillion's valuation products, including its commercial property inspection and broker opinion of value (BOV) services. In addition, the platform includes an accounting interface to manage payments and fees, among other features.

""The technology is simple for agents to use and helps them receive compensation more quickly. The platform unifies everyone through a common interface and has the robust features and applications to improve our overall productivity and client relationships,"" said John Fukuda, CEO of Brillion.

""Based on the positive effect that RxOffice has had on the residential real estate industry, making the platform available to the commerical market has been a natural next step for IndiSoft,"" explained Sanjeev Dahiwadkar, CEO and founder of IndiSoft. ""This expansion makes it possible for us to help companies such as Brillion, which is using the Valuation Portal to give all parties transparency to track the progress of their orders and effectively streamline the entire valuation process.""

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