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IndiSoft Partners with Hosting.com to Offer Cloud Technology

""IndiSoft"":http://www.IndiSoft.us, a Maryland-based technology firm focusing on systems for the default services industry, partnered with ""Hosting.com"":http://www.hosting.com, a provider of cloud hosting and recovery services, to provide guaranteed, consistent compliance and SaaS integration services for IndiSoft clients.


""During challenging economic times, companies want to ensure the systems and services they select will be flexible enough to accommodate their immediate as well as long-term business needs,"" said Sanjeev Dahiwadkar, CEO and president of IndiSoft.


""This partnership gives our clients peace of mind and confidence knowing that we will effectively manage their technology needs in the default services arena, which allows them to focus on their core business,"" Dahiwadkar added.

IndiSoft selected Hosting.com based on the company's flexible partner program, integrated support model, and business continuity solutions. IndiSoft will refer its clients to Hosting.com for compliance, business continuity, and disaster recovery solutions.

""IndiSoft is an ideal partner for Hosting.com,"" said Emory Vandiver, Hosting.com account executive. ""We have collaborated on several opportunities to provide our financial services customers with the SaaS integration services they seek along with a guaranteed business continuity hosting solution. Customers are very pleased to work with two companies who will handle their account in its entirety rather than needing to manage two individual provider relationships.""

Indisoft and Hosting.com also recently partnered on a fully managed cloud solution with advanced security components for an IndiSoft customer.

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