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BigBidder.com Sells $100M Mortgage Notes

Newport Beach, California-based ""BigBidder.com"":http://www.BigBidder.com, an online auction platform for mortgage notes, recently announced that the company has reached an important milestone - the sale of more than $100 million in individual loan notes. Through the BigBidder portal, investors can bid on mortgages, deeds of trust, and land contracts - non-performing, sub-performing, or performing - from over 40 states across the country.
Since its launch, BigBidder has said its goal is to open up to a broader scope of investors, the widely undiscovered investment opportunity of mortgage notes secured by real estate. The company explained that with investors thirsty for new places to put their money, many have turned to mortgage notes as a means to invest in real estate without enduring the hassles of homeownership. And for those disappointed with the lackluster returns on traditional investments, BigBidder says mortgage notes can be a lucrative alternative, particularly under present conditions when many banks and mortgage holders are eager to unload their loans for pennies on the dollar.
Why invest in notesx BigBidder explains that as the owner of a mortgage note bought at discount, the return on investment can be realized through the monthly mortgage payments made by the borrower on the total loan amount. Although the idea of managing these payments can seem daunting to a note investor, BigBidder says it also provides access to third party servicers that can manage these payments, as well as the foreclosure process if necessary.
Paul Lyons, BigBidder.com's SVP, said, ""BigBidder.com represents a long-overdue opportunity for the general public to invest in mortgage notes. It completely revolutionizes the playing field. Considering the state of the economy and the disappointing returns from traditional investments, BigBidder is a game changer that just can’t be ignored.""
BigBidder strives to bring what has traditionally been an investment opportunity only at an institutional level to the individual buyer. In addition to providing users with research tools, the site's eBay-like bidding process gives buyers a clear picture into the transaction. BigBidder explained that there are no back room negotiations as is the case with some other auction sites. Instead, the company said its experts act as facilitators between buyer and seller, while ensuring a transparent auction process that is open to all qualified investors.
BigBidder.com is a member of the ""LFC Group of Companies"":http://www.lfc.com/about/lfcGC.asp. For more than 30 years, the LFC Group of Companies has served Fortune 500 companies, real estate developers, investors, financial institutions, and government agencies by auction-marketing residential, commercial, land, and industrial properties. The company’s latest venture is the online auction of notes through BigBidder.com.

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