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Spectrum Extends Pruvan’s Proof-of-Performance Service to All Clients

""Spectrum Field Services Inc."":http://www.spectrumfsi.com/, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, provides financial institutions across the country with specialized REO preservation and specialty inspection services.

[IMAGE] Spectrum has been using the third-party certification technology from ""Pruvan"":http://www.pruvan.com to offer select clients proof-of-performance reporting on inspections since early 2011. Based on the results it's seen so far, Spectrum has decided to extend the service to all of its customers.

Alan Bunker, president of Spectrum Field Services, says the company's work with Pruvan has given clients ""an unprecedented level of assurance that inspection questions were answered and work was performed at a certain level of quality, at a particular time, and in a particular place.""

According to Bunker, Pruvan's field technology has helped his company increase accuracy and productivity while reducing costs.

The Pruvan 3.0 certification platform enables Spectrum inspectors to complete forms and capture photos on next-generation smartphones and tablet devices, even in areas with no data coverage. In the field, Pruvan controls the capture of secure inspection data and secure photos on the device.

Inspection forms are validated locally and can interface to back-end validation using standard web services. Once the completed form with photos is securely sent to Pruvan's cloud-based certification services from the device, it is available for online quality assurance and transferred in real time to Spectrum.


Pruvan's new online/offline form allows Spectrum to customize electronic questionnaires where the answers enable or disable subsequent questions, and to require one or multiple photos to support responses. Pruvan says the result is a more efficient process with field tested workflows that increase trust and timeliness of the results.

In addition, the Pruvan 3.0 certification platform provides Spectrum's vendors with a free quality assurance (QA) viewer that can be used as-is or embedded into any website or business process to view certified photos and certified service records stored in the Pruvan cloud.

This enables Spectrum's vendors to review their own field crew's work and gives Spectrum's quality control teams the ability to monitor the status of all field activities being performed in real time.

Spectrum has been working with Pruvan since early 2011 to solve the problem of deploying inspections to over 3,000 vendors nationwide, and being able to capture thousands of forms and photos per day. Over 150,000 inspections and related photos have been piloted by Spectrum using Pruvan technology in the last 90 days.

Photo technology for property inspections in recent years has utilized digital cameras or phones with settings that can be manipulated to control time, date, and GEO-tagging information. According to Bunker, one of the biggest advantages of the Pruvan technology is that information submitted to Spectrum's clients has been certified by a trusted third party.

""Pruvan's vision is to become a trusted third party for the large-scale capture and storage of proof-of-performance photos and the associated evidence of when, where, and for whom the photos were taken,"" said Paul Palmer, president of Austin, Texas-based Pruvan.

""Pruvan's suite of certification products and services enables real time collaboration with field service personnel and remote trading partners using flexible forms, live chat, photos, and video capabilities,"" Palmer explained. ""This platform represents a huge step forward for providers of field-based services like property management, inspections, insurance, medical care, and emergency services.""

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