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Platinum Data Hires New Chief Technology Officer

To adapt to changing needs due to growth, ""Platinum Data"":http://www.platdata.com/pub/ announced it has selected Nima Oreizy as the new chief technology officer.


In the past three years, Platinum Data has grown more than 250 percent.


Oreizy, whose specialty is in building systems that are scalable and flexible, has worked with Platinum Data for more than 10 years and created the platform for the company's RealView appraisal quality verification technology.

The company was a top three finalists for Mortgage Technology magazine's Transforming Valuations award for RealView.

""One of RealView's biggest differentiators is in being the most flexible, user-friendly system in its segment,"" said Phil Huff, Platinum Data's CEO. ""The platform, created by Nima, can be configured to accommodate literally any business rule in hours, not weeks or months.""

Oreizy has more than 14 years of experience in computer technology, and his previous career experiences include work with Microsoft and Apple Computer.

""From my years working for Platinum, I've witnessed them to be a forward-looking company,"" said Oreizy. ""They knew they'd need to be able to scale their platform to large volumes from the start, so we created a platform with virtually limitless capacity.""

Platinum Data provides comprehensive collateral valuation technologies.