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Amherst Voices Concerns Over Potential HAMP 2.0 Abuses

Amherst Securities Group expressed in a Mortgage Insight release worries about loopholes in eligibility requirements under the expanded HAMP program. The release specifically points to a rule that requires investors to pledge that they actually intend to rent the home; the requirement has no provisions about reporting on the investor's actual efforts to rent or on the income collected.

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Non-Performing Bucket Shrinking for Private Label MBS: Amherst

Reperforming and nonperforming loans decreased $6.1 billion to $528.6 billion in May compared to the previous month of April for private label mortgage backed securities (MBS), according to a report from Amherst Securities Group. The decrease came after a reduction of $6.4 billion in the non-performing bucket and a $0.3 billion growth in the re-performing bucket, reflecting elevated liquidations and a slowdown of new defaults, Amherst stated in the report.

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Are We an Industry Afraid of Our Shadows?

Estimates of the industry's shadow inventory vary widely, but one thing analysts do agree on is that the overhang is massive and will likely weigh on market dynamics for years to come. Measurements of soon-to-be repossessed and foreclosed homes that have yet to hit the market range from 1.6 million to 8.2 million. Capital Economics' assessment falls in the middle of that range, and the company's analysts say if anything, theirs is probably an underestimate. They put the industry's shadow inventory at 4.3 million homes.

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CoreLogic and Amherst Announce Prepayment Analyzer

CoreLogic and Amherst Holdings, LLC, have partnered to release the Agency Prepayment Analyzer, an online investment analysis tool. The analyzer intertwines CoreLogic's data with Amherst's analytics and forecasting to deliver prepayment risk trends for agency mortgage-backed securities. Designed for fixed-income investors, Agency Prepayment Analyzer tracks the rates at which residential mortgage loans prepay, either voluntarily or involuntarily due to refinancing, defaults, or sales - instances in which the GSEs require buybacks.

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Mortgage Experts Advocate for Servicing Changes

Mortgage servicing took center stage at a mortgage banking conference in Chicago on Monday, with industry experts making a case for reform. Panelists at a session on the future of mortgage servicing assured attendees that in five years, the servicing business ""will look nothing"" like it does today. Executives from such organizations as Freddie Mac, Amherst Securities, and the University of North Carolina advocated for national servicing standards, greater transparency, and new compensation structures.

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Congress Scrutinizes Federal Housing Programs

Federal housing programs came under attack during a congressional hearing Thursday titled ""The Obama Administration's Response to the Housing Crisis."" Members of the Senate challenged witnesses with questions about the effectiveness of several programs, including the Neighborhood Stabilization Program and the Home Affordable Modification Program. Industry experts also discussed the potential of new initiatives, such as the REO rental proposal.

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Senate Holds Hearing on Foreclosure Glut

At a Senate hearing titled, ""New Ideas to Address the Glut of Foreclosed Properties,"" industry experts shared varying opinions on the concept of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac conducting bulk sales of REOs to investors, but most agreed that long-term investors from the private sector should be part of the solution. One analyst with Amherst Securities says investors are the only potential buyers for many distressed homes likely to hit the market over the next five to six years.

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Amherst Securities Adds New Executives to Mortgage Sales Division

Amherst Securities Group, a financial services provider to institutional investors in the mortgage sector, has hired three mortgage industry veterans for its sales division. Peter Davidson, Chris Heaney, and Chris O'Neill will help expand Amherst's client base and build on the services provided to existing clients. The company says their combined industry expertise and established client relationships across a wide range of accounts will deepen Amherst's presence in the mortgage-backed securities (MBS) space.

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Amherst: One out of Five Borrowers Could Lose Their Home

If governmental policy on foreclosure prevention does not change, 11.5 million borrowers are in danger of losing their homes, according to the analysts at Amherst Securities. That staggering figure equates to one out of every five borrowers - an astronomical 20 percent default rate. So how can the administration fix deficiencies in its loan modification program? Amherst analysts say the answer lies in cutting borrowers' principal balances and boosting housing demand, including opening up financing channels for investors.

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