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Improving the Appraisal Process to Minimize Risks: Report

Appraisals may assign a home with one exact specific value, but in reality, a home's value tends to fall into a price range due to a number of different factors, according to a Home Value Forecast report released by Pro Teck Valuation Services and Collateral Analytics. To address this issue, Home Value Forecast suggests establishing a range of value in addition to an appraisal and improving data to support market condition conclusions.

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Researchers Suggest ‘Kelley Blue Book’ of Real Estate to Limit Bubbles

A study completed by the University of Miami School of Business Administration suggests that fragile market bubbles could be prevented if the public were aware of how assets are valued. The research, set to be published in the Journal of Financial and Qualitative Analysis, analyzed China's 2007 stock market. The study found that stocks with a bigger amount of analyst coverage experienced significantly smaller bubbles than those that weren't covered as well.

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Agencies Propose New Appraisal Rules for Higher-Risk Loans

Higher-risk mortgage loans may have a new set of rules to go by when it comes to appraisals. A proposed rule from six federal agencies would set out new requirements when conducting appriasals for higher risk mortgages. For example, the rule would require creditors to use a licensed or certified appraiser when preparing reports based on the physical inspection of a property.

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Proposed CFPB Rule Requires Lenders to Provide Free Appraisal Reports

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released Wednesday a new proposed rule that would require mortgage lenders to provide home loan applicants with appraisal reports to determine how the value of a property was determined. CFPB proposed the rule in response to a provision of the Dodd-Frank Act that requires creditors to provide mortgage applicants with a copy of written appraisals and home value estimates. The newly-proposed rule would require that creditors inform applicants of their right to receive a free copy of appraisal reports and home estimates.

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