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DS5: Examining the Impact of Auctions

Auction, Real Estate concept. Hand with judge gavel and house model

Mike Rawls, CEO of Xome, shares insights about the current industry landscape, the auction process, and how homeowners who need to sell can make sure they’re not leaving equity on the table.

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The Long Road Ahead for Default Servicing

From the confusion of the initial outbreak, on through forbearances and internal challenges, here’s how default servicing set the pace for the most challenging year since the last housing crisis. Editor's note: This piece originally ran in the December issue of DS News.

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Best of DS5: Advancing Tech and Working From Home

The pandemic has made waves throughout all industries, including housing. With many housing industry professionals working from home, executives have had to step up to the challenge of leading remote teams and finding ways to quickly adopt new technological tools. ...

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