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Land Gorilla Integrates DocuSign E-Signature

Land Gorilla, a construction loan management software provider, announced the availability of DocuSign’s e-signature solution through its cloud-based software. Land Gorilla states that, DocuSign, integrated with Land Gorilla’s Construction Loan Manager will streamline construction lending workflows by “reducing the friction in closings, improve draw processing times, and provide a better customer/builder experience” for financial institutions.

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FHA to Accept e-Signatures on More Documents

As part of its ongoing efforts to modernize its processes, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has granted expanded authority to lenders to accept e-Signatures on loan documents. The new policy allows e-Signatures on origination, servicing, and loss mitigation documents. Also included are those related to FHA insurance claims and REO sales contracts.

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DocMagic Addresses Compliance Woes Related to ECOA Valuation Rule

DocMagic, Inc., says it has a variety of solutions available that support lenders' compliance with the ECOA Valuation Rule, no matter what the lender's business rules are. Under the ECOA Valuation Rule, a creditor must provide an applicant with a copy of the appraisal and other written valuations upon completion, or three business days prior to consummation of the transaction, whichever is earlier.

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QuestSoft Certifies Acceptance of Seven e-Signature Providers

QuestSoft Corp., a provider of automated mortgage compliance software headquartered in Laguna Hills, California, announced it has added e-signature gateways from six providers, broadening options for customers using the company's IRS 4506-T and Social Security Administration SSA-89 verification services.

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