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The Impact of Privatizing the GSEs

Currently, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are the biggest players in the secondary market. But what if the market was moved from the government to the private sector?

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Freddie Mac Announces Q2 Results

Freddie Mac

On Tuesday, the GSE provided an update on how it fared during 2018’s second quarter, spotlighting “strong business revenues” and a “favorable litigation judgment.” Click through to learn all the details.

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The Rising Risk of Defaults in Refis

A recent report found that cash out refi loans at a higher risk of default than purchase loans. Click through to learn what’s causing refinance loans to have a higher stressed default rate.

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Non-Bank RMBS Servicers Retreating from Delinquent Loans

As re-performing loan product continues to fall, non-bank servicers are backing away from delinquent borrowers, according to a report. Here’s where they’re concentrating instead.

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The Future of Credit Risk Transfers

raining money credit risk

Rising interest rates and declining volumes leave the GSEs with little room to expand their credit risk transfer transactions. However, CRTs may have room to grow elsewhere in the market.

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Trump Administration Sets Forth Plan to End GSE Conservatorship

In a report released by the Executive Office of the President, the administration recommended significant changes to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, including ending their conservatorship and reducing the role of the GSEs in the market.

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Redirecting Default Risk Away From Taxpayers

credit risk

Two industry experts talk GSEs, CRTs, and guarantee fees and why shifting mortgage default risk from taxpayers to investors is a very good thing, including helping shield taxpayers from a dire financial crisis more onerous than ’08.

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FHFA Addresses GSEs’ Slimdown

GSE loans

Just how many non-performing loans have the GSEs sold off in their ongoing drive to shift credit risk into the private sector? Here's what the FHFA had to say.

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Watt: “These Conservatorships are Unsustainable”

In his testimony before the Banking Committee, Melvin Watt, Director, FHFA outlined the challenges facing the conservatorship of the GSEs and why it was the Congress’ responsibility to decide on housing finance reforms.

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