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Parental Opportunities

Here’s why the offspring of homeowner parents, are more likely to own a property than those of renters.

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Triggering Homeownership

A new look at vacancy rates among renters and owners suggests an uptick in wanting to buy. But this push may be making it harder to purchase a home.

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Why Homeownership Rates Lag in LGBT Communities

A research by Freddie Mac has revealed a number of factors that are causing a lesser number of people from the LGBT community to own a home compared to the general population. What are these factors?

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Where Homeowners are “Free and Clear”

Complete homeownership is the goal for many homeowners, as it means less debt and more financial freedom. Find out where buyers are really taking ownership of their houses.

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The Week Ahead: Looking at Mortgage Loan Defect Levels

This week, a report on mortgage loan defects will give insights into mortgage loan defect rates over time and showcases market specific comparisons of mortgage loan defect levels. Here's what else is happening in The Week Ahead.

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Does Parental Wealth Impact Homeownership?


A new research looked at the correlation between parental wealth and homeownership status for the younger generation. Here’s what it found.

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