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Immigration’s Affect on the Housing Market

Immigration has a positive effect on the housing market according to speakers from a real estate conference reported on Friday. Sales activity and price will strengthen as the market becomes more saturated. Forecasts show that high immigrant sales activities will stem from five states.

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Immigrant Homebuyers Helped Post-crisis Bounceback

According to a new report, immigrant homebuyers helped the housing industry recover from the recession in a big way—and it will continue influencing the markets in the years to come. Suburbs, in particular, will see large immigrant homeownership growth, as most are looking for single-family homes in affordable areas. These communities need to be proactive in preparing for more immigrant residents.

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Household Formation Has Accelerated After Eight Years at Low Levels

The two primary drivers of household formation over time are demographic and economic factors, according to Nothaft. For example, household growth averaged about 2 percent annually from the mid-1960s until the early 1980s when baby boomers were at the prime household formation age, but household formation rates halved from 1990 until the mid-2000s when the population of those born in the 1970s, a much smaller birth cohort, reached their 20s.

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