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The Week Ahead: Yellen, Yellen, Yellen

It seems like every week Janet Yellen, Chair of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors is making news. Next week, the Federal Open Market Committee will meet for the fifth time in New York City. Will the Fed choose to raise interest rates for the second time in two months?

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Yellen in the Hot Seat

Janet Yellen completed the second day of her semi-annual testimony in front of the Senate today, and gave her opinion on proposed Dodd-Frank reforms. What did the Chair of the Federal Reserve have to say, and did she agree with members of the committee?

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The Week Ahead: Yellen in the Spotlight

Janet Yellen will be in the limelight again on Wednesday and Thursday, this time testifying before both the House and the Senate. Will The Fed say more of the same, or will her testimony bring more changes?

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FOMC: Economy Strong Enough to Raise Interest Rates

The Federal Open Market Committee voted Wednesday to raise interest rates for the second time this year to 1-1.25 percent, a move that was widely expected amongst economists and industry professionals and described as “prudent” by FOMC Board of Governors Chair Janet Yellen. Back in March, they voted to increase the rate a modest quarter of a point to maintain the Fed’s goal of maximum employment and market stability. The FOMC is of the opinion that waiting too long to scale back accommodations could potentially cause a rapid increase in rates, which could disrupt the market and send the economy into another recession.

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Trump Hints at Fed Chair Yellen’s Future

Although he approves of the current low-interest rate environment, Donald Trump does not approve of the woman in charge of rates. If Trump wins the presidential election in November, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen could be out of a job.

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