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Gen Zers Outpace Millennials, Now Leading U.S. Rental Demand

Millennials outweigh Gen Zers in terms of population, but not when it comes to renter households, according to a new report from the Joint Center for Housing Studies. Daniel McCue, Senior Research Associate, reveals the future of rental housing demand and projects the number of renter households both generations will add over the next decade.

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Nationwide Supply of Low-Cost Rentals Down in Every State

As rental demand heightens, the overall supply of low-rent units has fallen by 3.9 million over the last decade due to rent increases in existing units, building condemnations, and demolitions, according to the latest Joint Center for Housing Studies State of the Nation Housing report.

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Increasing Prices Limiting Access to Homeownership

It’s no secret that the combination of rising home prices along with a trend of increasing interest rates have made buying the typical single-family home much more expensive, if not completely unaffordable for many.  According to Joint Center for Housing Studies ...

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