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The “Potential Concerns” Troubling Wells Fargo

In its latest SEC Filing, the bank gave an update of its progress on the Federal Reserve Bank consent order and its remediation strategy for issues the bank had reported earlier. But one area of concern still remains.

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LoanLogics Enhances its Investor Module

The new improvements for correspondent loan acquisition is aimed at giving lenders and investors the ability to conduct and manage direct trade commitments.

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Results, Remuneration, and Retribution

Click through for some of the big-ticket news impacting the housing market and a report that is likely to affect the overall economy and housing as the nation goes to vote.

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Ten Years of Transformation

Freddie Mac reported strong and stable third-quarter earnings. Here are the factors that have driven the GSE’s growth during its decade under conservatorship.

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Don’t Worry About Cash-out Refis Just Yet

An analysis comparing the cash-out refinance trends today with those prior to the last financial crisis revealed why you shouldn’t be alarmed by the rise of these products.

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Citadel Launches New Product

Citadel's Outside Dodd-Frank Plus Program builds on the company’s highly successful Outside Dodd-Frank Program to offer loans on properties up to 35 units.

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