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Military Conflict Complicates Fannie Mae’s Estimates

No matter what you call it, the conflict in Ukraine is creating worldwide macroeconomic events that will trickle down to every segment of the economy over the course of the year.  Knowing this, the Economic and Strategic Research Group (ESR) at ...

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Survey: Home Prices Expected to Increase 1.1% Over Next Five Years

Home prices are expected to grow at an average annual rate of just 1.1 percent through 2015, according to a survey released Wednesday by the research firm MacroMarkets. The company polled 111 individuals, ranging from economists and real estate experts to investment and market strategists. In addition to documenting home price projections, the survey asked respondents about the government's role in the housing market. Half say further government intervention is ""unnecessary.""

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Industry Insiders Weigh in on Case-Shiller Uptick

The closely watched S&P/Case-Shiller index showed its strongest positive movement since last summer with the release of Tuesday's report. The analysts at Standard & Poor's described the news as a ""welcome shift from recent months."" While it may fuel cautious optimism that at least a short-range upward trend is already in the making, industry experts and market analysts put the latest numbers into context and share their views on what to expect in the months ahead.

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Survey Points to 2011 Bottom for Home Prices but No Strong Gains

After the headline news that home prices double-dipped, forecasters are predicting a 2011 turning point for the U.S. housing market, according to the investment and risk management firm MacroMarkets. The company polled 108 economists and real estate experts this month to gauge their predictions. Nearly two-thirds believe the bottom for home prices arrived in the first quarter or will arrive sometime before year-end. The consensus, though, is that we should not be expecting a rebound in home values, but rather a level of price stability.

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Market Forecasts for Home Prices Continue to Darken

Home prices have hit upon relatively stable ground in recent months -- a welcome reprieve from the freefall days most markets had grown acutely accustomed to after the reverberating bursting of the housing bubble. But that stability may be fleeting fast. If you heed the words of the seers keeping a close watch over industry trends and movements in price lines, you should be bracing for another decline in property values, as the elusive floor drops a little lower.

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Home Prices Post May Gains, but S&P Sees No Sustained Recovery

Home prices in the United States rose in May on both a month-over-month and year-over-year basis, Standard & Poor's reported Tuesday. The S&P/Case Shiller 20-city home price composite increased 1.2 percent between April and May and 4.6 compared to a year ago. The gains posted in the latest installment of the closely watched index were much larger than the market expected, but analysts warn that the plus-signs are only making a temporary showing, reflecting a strong spring selling season and the residual effects of the homebuyer tax credit.

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