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Fannie Mae’s Gross Mortgage Portfolio Dips Below $400 Billion

In May, the GSE's gross mortgage portfolio shrank at a compound annualized rate of 25.9 percent, from $405.1 billion down to $395.1 billion. It was the first time since before the conservatorship began in September 2008 that the value of the gross mortgage portfolio dipped below $4 billion.

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Freddie Mac’s Mortgage Portfolio Expands For Third Straight Month

After slipping in October, purchase and issuance activity picked up again, coming to $29.5 billion, Freddie Mac reported. That was offset by an increase in sales and liquidations, which whittled the portfolio's monthly increase to about $614 million. In other monthly changes, the unpaid principal balance (UPB) of Freddie Mac's mortgage-related investments portfolio fell by approximately $4.7 billion last month, a negative annualized growth rate of 14.0 percent.

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Freddie Mac’s Portfolio Shrinks 2.1% in May

Freddie Mac released its monthly volume summary for May 2014, tracking information on the company's mortgage-related portfolio, securities issuance, risk management, delinquencies, debt activities, and other investments. The summary found that overall, Freddie Mac's total mortgage portfolio decreased at an annualized rate of 2.1 percent in May.

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