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M&T Bank Takes Action to Help Unemployed Borrowers

Who ever heard of banks helping their unemployed borrowers find jobs? Though it may be hard to believe, this concept is becoming a reality thanks to a company in Bend, Oregon. Realizing that job loss in the current economy is the major reason homeowners default on their mortgages, management of M&T Bank announced they'll be offering a pilot program of the company's services to their unemployed borrowers at no cost.

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Wilmington Trust to Merge with M&T Bank Corporation

M&T Bank Corporation and Wilmington Trust Corporation announced this week that Wilmington Trust will merge with M&T to form one of the largest banks in the eastern United States. Wilmington Trust acknowledges that problems with the credit quality of its loan portfolio led to the merger. M&T has $68.2 billion in assets and extensive operations in the Mid-Atlantic region. Delaware-based Wilmington Trust has $10.4 billion in assets.

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