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Loan Processing Could Slow Due to Appraiser Shortage

Due to a shortage of licensed and certified appraisers, major national financial regulatory agencies have issued an advisory to help reduce delays in the consideration of loan applications in rural communities. Since loans cannot be executed without appraisals, the advisory outlines two options to remedy the problem. The FDIC has suggested that states issue temporary practice permits and engage in reciprocity, or that effected institutions submit a request temporary waivers to set aside licensing requirements.

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RBS Settles With NCUA

The Royal Bank of Scotland settles with the National Credit Union Administration Board over toxic mortgage-backed securities sold to credit unions that subsequently failed.

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Lending Increases, Mortgage Growth Lags at Credit Unions for Q2

Lending was up all-around, ranging from year-over-year growth of 27.5 percent in smaller short-term loans in the year's first half to 9.9 percent in first mortgage loans in just the second quarter. The association also recorded improvements across other metrics, including credit union membership, which grew by more than 900,000 in the second quarter to surpass 98 million.

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Credit Union Lending Jumps in Q1 2014

Credit Unions continued to grow during the first quarter of 2014, although higher interest rates slowed mortgage originations, according to the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). The group found that total first mortgage real estate loans reached $272.6 billion, up 9.7 percent from Q1 2013.

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