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Banks Come Out Winners in RMBS Case

For the most part, when being investigated over their pre-crisis residential mortgage-backed securities practices, the nation’s largest banks have come out having to pay billions of dollars in settlements and penalties.

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Pending Settlements Over Faulty RMBS Sales Bring Total Recovered by NCUA to $2.2 Billion

NCUA sued Wachovia, which was acquired by Wells Fargo in 2008, in 2011. The Association filed suit against Barclays, the U.S. subsidiary of the British financial services firm, in 2012. Once the settlements are completed, NCUA will dismiss pending suits against both firms in federal district courts in California, New York and Kansas. As part of the settlement, neither Wachovia nor Barclays do not admit any fault.

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Government Agencies Issue Minimum Requirements for State-Run Appraisal Companies

Compliance by states that do have an AMC regulatory body begins one year from the day the new regulations go live, which would put the deadline at the beginning of Q3 2016, according to FHFA. Compliance means adopting minimum registration and supervisory protocols for AMCs, including those that are subsidiaries of federally insured depository institutions.

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