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Survey Finds iPhone, Android Use Almost Equal Among Agents

In the world of real estate agents, the iPhone reigns king-but just barely. A survey conducted by Realis Real Estate Software found that there seems to be no clear preference among agents between iPhone and Android-based phones-43 percent of agents use an iPhone, while 41 percent use an Android device.

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To Protect Properties From Criminals, Realis Says Sell Them Faster

Abandoned and foreclosed homes can quickly become hotbeds for criminal activity. Empty houses are looted for copper and appliances, illegally inhabited by squatters, or commandeered for drug trafficking and prostitution. According to Realis Real Estate Software, such activity not only negatively impacts the neighborhood in which it occurs, but it prolongs the time it takes to sell the property. Lauren Roberts, founder of Realis and 25-year REO veteran, says one way to protect foreclosed homes from criminal infiltration is to put them into the hands of new buyers.

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REO Tech Firm Offers Refresher on Sound Agent Practices in the Field

With foreclosures expected to rise through 2012, Realis Real Estate Software recently offered tips for REO agents to avoid legal trouble when working with multiple foreclosure properties. The Denver-based workflow management software firm says foreclosure fraud is also increasing, which means potential damaging litigation. Realis says for agents, it all boils down to integrity, organization of all key data, and documentation.

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REO Maestro Is Now Realis Real Estate Software

REO Maestro has changed its corporate brand to Realis Real Estate Software. REO Maestro will remain the product name of the company's flagship workflow management tool, which has been utilized by agents and brokers specializing in REO properties for the last decade. With rising demand from its customers, Realis is also expanding its product portfolio with the release of Prelude, a tool tailored specifically for short sales and scheduled for release in spring 2011.

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