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To Rent or Not to Rent, That Is the Question

Despite a fall in national rental rates since 2011, a recent report found that rent affordability remains out of reach for many lower- and middle-income renter households. Here’s why.

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What Ended the Decade-Long Rental Surge

Following nearly a decade of increased focus on rentals following the housing boom, the pendulum is starting to swing the other way, according to a recent report. Find out what pushed the rental surge back down and home purchases back up following the housing crisis,

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Challenges and Opportunities in Single-Family Rentals

The Single Family Rental Roundtable at the Five Star Conference was an opportunity for investors, mortgage servicers, real estate organizations, and property preservation companies to address the present hurdles and future possibilities in SFR. Here’s what they discussed.

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How Property Investors Can Better Identify Fraud

With increasing usage of the internet, fraud has become more complicated and harder to track for home investors. See how investment into new technologies can change this.

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The State of Single-family Rentals

How will a slowing housing market affect the single-family rental space? With Fannie and Freddie ending their SFR pilot programs, DS News asked experts for their opinion on the state of the SFR industry and here’s what they said.

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Where is Single-family Rental Growing the Most?

The latest data on single-family rentals reveals a discrepancy in rental price growth among properties at different ends of the price spectrum. Click through to learn which type of properties are spurring growth in rental prices.

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Homeownership Gets a Boost from Young Americans


The homeownership rate ticked up slightly from last year, prompted by a jump in millennial owners, according to a Census Bureau survey. Here are some of the factors that are driving more buyers from this generation to purchase a house.

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HUD Approves U.S. Virgin Islands Disaster Recovery Plan

hurricane maria

As the first anniversary of the 2017 Hurricanes approaches, the Department of Housing and Urban Development has approved a multimillion-dollar plan to aid the recovery efforts in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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Non-Owner-Occupied Homes: Where Are They Most Common?


A recent study of non-owner-occupied mortgage originations discovered that certain cities are a hotbed for vacation, investment, and second homes. Cities in the South and West are leading the pack.

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Single-Family Rentals Over the Past Decade

After the financial crisis hobbled the housing industry back in 2008, the number of rented abodes skyrocketed. Today, that number continues to climb, as more people opt—for one reason or another—to live the leasing lifestyle, according to the Terner Center ...

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