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Vacancy Taxes: Pros and Cons

abandoned zombie home

With some California cities facing rising vacancy rates, here's how they plant to use “empty homes penalties” to combat affordability issues as well as blight.

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Real Estate Taxes by City

home equity

Real estate taxes vary from city to city, and a recent report takes a look at where taxes are lowest and highest. What are the key differences between the different ends of the spectrum?

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Struggling Neighborhoods and Property Taxes

Ginnie Mae MBS

A recent study revealed that Tax Increment Financing, originally developed to revitalize struggling neighborhoods using property tax increases, has fallen short in some areas. What methods may be used to get TIF back on track?

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Homeowners and High Taxes

In some cities, high taxes are pricing some residents out. Where are taxes adding onto affordability for these homeowners, and where are they going?

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Ripple Effect

Editor's note: This story was originally featured in the March issue of DSNews, out now. When the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act went into effect, many in the industry began to speculate what impact this would have on home prices, ...

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