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Alternative Credit Scoring Models Matter

Competition ensures a healthy and productive market. Credit scores are no exception.  A new study commissioned by VantageScore Solutions, a consortium of the three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion), found that institutional investors with exposure to asset-backed securities (ABS) ...

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Achieving Sustainable Homeownership

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With the FHFA considering the possibility of changing the credit score requirements the GSEs requires, what are the advantages of credit scoring competition and what impact could these potential changes have on future default rates?

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Scoring the Unscorable

Editor's note: This story was originally featured in the February issue of DS News, out now. Following the credit crisis of 2008, the economic recovery has stabilized consumer credit markets and led to a rebound of credit availability for consumers. Despite a ...

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Credit Where Credit is Due

The Federal Housing Finance Agency recently released a Request for Input seeking feedback about the possibility of changing the credit scores the GSEs requires lenders to use to evaluate borrowers. According to the FHFA’s press release, “The Enterprises currently use ...

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Mortgage Default Risk is on the Rise

On Thursday, VantageScore Solutions, LLC and TransUnion released the VantageScore Default Risk Index (DRI) for Q4 2016. According to the DRI, when it comes to default risk, mortgages pose a lower threat than auto loans, student loans, and bankcards with the DRI for these four categories came in at 85.4 (mortgage) , 89.3 (auto), 90.0 (student loans), and 96.8 (bankcards) respectively. Despite the lower default risk compared to other debt categories, mortgage risk is up quarter-over-quarter.

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