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FDCPA May Require Debt Collectors to Warn Consumers Debt Balance May Increase

Recently, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit vacated the dismissal of a complaint alleging a violation of 15 U.S.C. § 1692e when a debt collector that notified consumers of their account balance failed to disclose that the balance may increase due to interest and costs. Avila v. Riexinger, 2016 WL 1104776 (2d Cir. March 22, 2016). The Second Circuit oversees Connecticut, New York, and Vermont

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Wisconsin Reduces Redemption Periods

The State of Wisconsin has reduced the length of foreclosure actions for any mortgage executed on or after April 27, 2016. For mortgages executed on or after April 27, 2016, a foreclosure on a one to four family residence that is owner-occupied at the commencement of the action, a farm, a church, or a tax-exempt charitable organization will have their redemption periods reduced as follows . . .

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Help for Property Owners Facing ADA Claims: Governor Brown Signs Senate Bill 269

New Senate Bill 269 may help property owners sued for violation of handicapped accessibility (ADA) laws. It provides protection for claims filed on and after May 10, 2016. Previous law allowed handicapped people to sue property and business owners if the property violated handicapped accessibility codes, the handicapped person personally encountered accessibility barriers, and the handicapped person experienced difficulty, discomfort, or embarrassment because of the violation.

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Michigan Evictions and the SCRA

Compliance with the Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act, 50 U.S.C.S. § 3902 (“SCRA”), is something that servicers and practitioners must be vigilant about throughout the foreclosure and eviction processes.

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