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Danny Byrnes Promoted to CRO at Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.

Danny_Byrnes 2018Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC), a post-closing services provider for the nation’s largest financial institutions, investors, and servicers, announced Danny Byrnes has been promoted from VP Sales and Marketing to Chief Revenue Officer.

Byrnes was hired in early 2011 as the VP Sales. In his second year, sales nearly doubled, and, in his tenure, Byrnes has expanded sales by over five times (570%). He is a stable executive that has taken responsibility for the entire company, a keynote of any Chief at NTC.

“CRO is the ultimate challenge for any sales or marketing executive. I am excited to fully take control of NTC’s destiny and honored that I am being trusted with this. I plan to continue delivering what I promised when I joined this incredible team 10 years ago,” said Byrnes.

Byrnes has helped broaden the scope of services offered by initiating and customizing solutions for NTC’s clients. The 35 years of experience and knowledge of complex sales, marketing, sales management, and product management he brings to the table is invaluable to NTC.

“In a time of tremendous growth for NTC, now was the perfect time to add Danny’s deep industry knowledge and skillsets to our C-suite,” Said John Hillman, NTC’s CEO. “We look forward to further expansion and increasing the sales of the organization overall.”

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