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Industry Group Takes Step Toward Diversity

The mortgage industry has taken a big step toward diversification thanks to one of its largest professional groups. On Thursday, the Federation of REO Certified Experts—or FORCE, for short—announced the launch of its Diversity Council, a team dedicated to embracing and encouraging diversity in the REO, default servicing, and mortgage industries at large.

According to Annie Collier, Executive Director of FORCE, the newly launched Diversity Council will help empower members and unite the industry.

“We’re embracing diversity with our Diversity Council,” Collier said. “The Council will be comprised of six committees led by six of our leading members. These committees will advance conversations on diversity and inclusion within the FORCE and within the broader mortgage industry.”

The council will consist of six unique committees: Latino Professionals in FORCE, Asian Professionals in FORCE, Black Professionals in FORCE, Women Professionals in FORCE, LGBT Professionals in FORCE, and Veteran Professionals in FORCE.

Long-time industry professionals will head up each committee. Committee leaders include: Adriana Montes of Florida Dreams Realty Group (Latino Professionals in FORCE); Kris Ramdat of REO Integration Inc. (Asian Professionals in FORCE); Gregory Anderson of ACB Realty, Inc. (Black Professionals in FORCE); Justine Jimenez Garcia of Countrywide Properties, Inc. (Women Professionals in FORCE); Jennifer Dinatally of United Real Estate Strive 212 (LGBT Professionals in FORCE); and Hugh Morrow of RE/MAX Preferred (Veteran Professionals in FORCE).

Ed Delgado, President and CEO of the Five Star Institute, called FORCE’s new venture “a powerful message to the mortgage industry.”

“By launching its Diversity Council, FORCE emphasizes just how crucial diversity and inclusion are to our industry—both in its ranks and in its efforts to serve the American people” Delgado said.

The FORCE’s launch of its Diversity Council comes just weeks after the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released its report “Diversity and Inclusion in the Mortgage Industry.”

In the report, CFPB Director Richard Cordray wrote, “The business case for diversity and inclusion rests on the view that we can best serve the many diverse communities that make up the growing American populace, especially those that were historically overlooked, by reflecting diverse backgrounds and experiences in our own ranks. Applying these principles allows us to tap into a broader pool of talent and draw on new perspectives from employees, vendors, and communities.”

Read the full report at ConsumerFinance.gov and learn more about the FORCE at FiveStarFORCE.com.

About Author: Aly J. Yale

Aly J. Yale is a longtime writer and editor from Texas. Her resume boasts positions with The Dallas Morning News, NBC, PBS, and various other regional and national publications. She has also worked with both the Five Star Institute and REO Red Book, as well as various other mortgage industry clients on content strategy, blogging, marketing, and more.

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