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Top Ten Code Violations Revealed

Property code violations come in all shapes and prices, but Field Asset Services (FAS) narrowed the list down to the top 10.

The list is based on FAS's 30 mortgage and asset management clients; the company services more than 130,000 active properties on an ongoing basis.

*Top 10 Types of Code Violations*

# High grass and weeds
# Nuisance such as abandoned vehicles and trash at the curb.
# Graffiti
# Open or vacant structure
# Junk, trash, and debris
# Minimum housing standards or habitability usually pertaining to the condition of the property.
# Substandard structure such as dilapidated sheds or detached garages.
# Unmaintained or unsecured swimming pools
# Dead trees and landscaping
# Vacant property registration

""Cities and local municipalities across the nation are becoming more vigilant towards issuing code violations to reduce blight and improve neighborhood conditions,"" said


Dale McPherson, CFO of Field Asset Services. ""With foreclosure timelines reaching nearly 21 months, these fines can add up over time, even exceeding the value of the property itself in some cases.""

While the list was compiled based on violations across the U.S, certain states received more notices than others. The top five were Florida, California, Illinois, and Texas.

In 2011, FAS had a 91 percent success rate on lessening code compliance fines and HOA fees for customers.

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