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Lack of Distressed Properties Led to May’s Drop in Existing Home Sales

The drop in existing home sales reported by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Thursday likely stemmed from a lack of distressed properties on the market, according to IHS Global Insight. In May, existing-home sales made a fall of 1.5 percent from the month before. The share of investor purchases also declined, which IHS economist Patrick Newport said is likely due to a drop in the number of distressed homes. According to the NAR report, investor purchases made up 17 percent of homes sales in May, down from 20 percent in April and 19 percent in May 2011.

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Court Unlikely to Favor Homeowner in Florida Foreclosure Case: Moody’s

If fraudulent documents are found in a foreclosure case, should banks be able to voluntarily dismiss the foreclosure then re-file the case after fixing the error? The answer to this question is currently being decided by the Florida Supreme Court, which heard arguments May 10 for a case titled Roman Pino v. Bank of New York Mellon. If the court does rule in favor of Pino, this would mean servicers would no longer be able to fix documents and refile foreclosures, which would stall or lead to the dismissal of foreclosure cases and make it even more difficult for the judicial state to proceed with foreclosures. While a decision has not been made, Moody's Analytics said the ruling is not likely to fall in favor of the defendant Pino, who is the homeowner the bank tried to foreclose on using a fraudulent assignment of mortgage.

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Radar Logic: Prices Will Fall Further, Strengths Due to Temporary Forces

Even though Radar Logic reported a monthly increase in home prices for March, the analytics company expects prices to fall and gave credit to temporary market forces for recent strengths seen in the housing market. According to Radar Logic, the RPX Composite price, which tracks home prices in 25 major metropolitan areas, showed a 1.8 percent increase on a monthly basis, but decreased by 0.87 percent year-over-year in March. With distressed homes remaining a significant portion of home sales transactions, Radar Logic dismissed the monthly increase and said significant discounts for distressed properties in relation to non-distressed means a further fall in prices.

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GSEs Announce Eviction Moratorium for the Holidays

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced temporary eviction moratoriums on all single-family homes and two-to-four unit properties over the holidays. Both companies will enforce the moratorium from December 19 through January 2. The suspension will not affect the pre- or post-foreclosure processes. Servicers may continue the administrative processes involved in foreclosures, but evictions will be delayed until after the start of the new year.

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California Activists Call for Foreclosure Moratorium

Two California divisions of the Occupy Wall Street movement -- Occupy LA and Occupy Santa Cruz -- are beginning to focus their efforts on halting foreclosures. Mario Brito, leader of Occupy LA, announced a plan this week to pressure both banks and government officials to impose a foreclosure moratorium. Also this week, Occupy Santa Cruz sent a letter to its County Board of Supervisors calling on board members to invoke a foreclosure moratorium and set up a task force to study foreclosure practices.

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Banks’ REO Inventories Down by 17%

Banks held about 476,000 homes that they repossessed from delinquent mortgage borrowers as of the end of July, according to Barclays Capital. That tally represents a 17 percent contraction from 574,000 REOs on the books just 10 months earlier, in September of 2010, just as the robo-signing scandal began grabbing headlines. According to Barclays' analysis, the average number of months a loan has spent in foreclosure has climbed from around 10 months just before October of last year to more than 12 months today.

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New Jersey Lifts Its Final Foreclosure Ban

New Jersey's Superior Court has lifted the last of six injunctions handed down late last year, giving Ally Financial and its GMAC Mortgage unit the go-ahead to resume foreclosure actions in the state. The Superior Court judge issued an order this week stating that GMAC had demonstrated the ""reliability of its processes"" and is ""permitted to resume prosecution of uncontested foreclosure proceedings."" Five other servicers were given the green light to begin the regular order of processing foreclosures in the state last month.

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New Jersey Judge OKs Five Major Servicers to Resume Foreclosures

A New Jersey judge has given the green light for five of six major mortgage servicers to resume uncontested foreclosures in the state after a formal review of their procedures demonstrated the ""reliability of their processes."" Bank of America, Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and OneWest Bank have been granted permission to restart foreclosures. Ally's GMAC Mortgage is awaiting the court's decision. Since the beginning of 2011, just over 6,000 foreclosures have surfaced in the state courts, compared to 35,000 filings at this time last year.

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LPS Records 10% Monthly Increase in Foreclosure Starts

Data released by Lender Processing Services (LPS) Thursday indicates foreclosure and delinquency numbers are on the rise again. The company says foreclosures were initiated on 217,486 loans in June, up more than 10 percent from May. The national delinquency rate also increased to 8.15 percent. As a supplement to this month's report, LPS examined its historical data and found that nearly half of all loans originated in the U.S. since 2005 would not qualify as a Qualified Residential Mortgage (QRM) under regulators' current proposal.

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An Anomaly Within the Housing Numbers: Washington D.C.

The nation's Capitol stands out as the ""shining star"" in nearly every market report that crosses the wire. Washington, D.C. has consistently resisted home price declines, sales activity bucks widespread trends, and foreclosure numbers, too, have been almost non-existent due to an unofficial moratorium. Is it the absence of foreclosure property that's behind D.C.'s defiant market performance and will it turn now that emergency mediation rules have been enacted to restart foreclosures? Local experts say no, D.C. is just a market to itself.

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