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Did Obama Overestimate Progress of Housing Market Recovery?

One of the main points in President Barack Obama's speech about housing in Phoenix on Thursday was how far the housing industry has come since the bust of 2008 and particularly since he took office in January 2009. The president admitted that the housing market has not come all the way back yet and there is still work to be done. But did he overestimate just how far the housing market has come and the role his administration's policies have played in the recovery? It's possible, according to one analyst.

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Obama Lauds Housing Market Progress In Phoenix Speech

In a 30-minute speech Thursday morning at Central High School in Phoenix, Arizona, President Barack Obama spoke of the progress the housing market has made since 2009 and measures his administration is taking to help everyone achieve homeownership.

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Updated: President Announces Reduction in FHA Premiums

FHA raised premiums in response to its declining mortgage insurance fund, which forced the agency to take a $1.7 billion bailout in 2013. Since then, it has rebuilt its capital, spurring some commentators to call for a cut. In a statement, the White House estimated that the reduction will translate to a $900 increase in annual mortgage payments for first-time buyers, with existing homebuyers expected to see similar savings.

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Obama to Speak About Housing on Thursday in Phoenix

President Barack Obama is scheduled to speak about the U.S. housing market at Central High School in Phoenix, Arizona, according to multiple reports. Neither the president nor the White House has publicly announced exactly what he will speak about with regards to the housing market on Thursday.

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Obama Commends Financial Regulators For Reform Efforts

President Barack Obama "commended" financial regulators for progress made since the Dodd-Frank Act became law in 2010 at a meeting on Monday between the president, top financial regulators, and top White House officials in the Roosevelt Room, the White House announced.

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